3 Things to Look for When Selling Your Gold

The past couple of years have seen gold prices rise to amazing heights, inspiring the buying and selling of gold like never before. If you are currently seeking a gold broker from which you want to get cash for gold, the following tips will help you find a broker you can trust: Face to Face […]

How to Purchase Gold Bullion and Gold Bars

Are you currently considering investing in gold bullion coins or gold bars? With the current dip in gold prices, now may be the perfect time to buy gold and see its value rise in the coming years. Back in the day, it was quite a challenge to find high-quality gold coins and bars. However, today […]

How To Save And Money Without A Job

Sadly, many Americans have been laid off and have to find a way to live off of their bi-weekly unemployment checks.  But, it is still possible to grow your savings account during this time? All you need is commitment and hard work. The following five suggestions can put you on track to continuously adding to […]

Federal Reserve Pending Actions May Boost Gold

According to the Associated Press, Gold has risen today due to prospects that the US Federal Reserve may make an attempt to stimulate the United States economy. Such a move may dramatically boost the gold bullion’s value as it would hedge against inflation. The news comes on the heels of a troubling US economic growth […]

Sell Your Precious Metals To Fund Your Vacation

Have you recently found yourself staring out the window dreaming of summer adventures you could afford? Many people fail to live their dreams because they don’t see the multitudes of opportunities that surround them. One such opportunity exists in the form of selling your  gold, silver and / or platinum jewelry, diamonds, and other precious […]

How To Test Gold

Have you been considering selling gold but are not quite sure how an item’s worth will be assessed? When you visit a gold broker, you will quickly find that they take the testing of gold and other precious metals very seriously. Methods can include electronic, scratch, and X-ray fluorescence scanning. Once a piece of jewelry […]

Did You Know That You Can Profit From Selling Your Luxury Watches?

Many luxury watch owners are thrilled at today’s market. The reason is that they can truly profit from the sale of timepieces that they don’t wear anymore. For instance, it is more than possible that when you sell Rolex you can earn thousands of dollars if the watch is genuine and in amazing condition. The […]

Huntington Beach: Getting Top Cash For Gold

As you may be aware, the price of gold has reached all-time highs in the last year. As result of such market trends, many have invested in and are continuing to invest in various forms of gold. We hope the following ideas may help you profit from gold in the coming months: Rolex and other […]

Colorado May Legalize Gold and Silver as Currency

It is quite common for individuals to buy gold and silver; however, currently gold and silver coin cannot be utilized as actually currency. According to Senator Kent Lambert, “Coins that are minted by the U.S. government should be something that we can use in trade.

How to Make Top Dollar on Designer Jewelry

In today’s economy, it is very possible that you can get top dollar for hard-to-find designer jewelry. The secret is to find a cash for gold broker that you can trust, and to know exactly how much your items are worth. The Economy and Precious Metals/Diamond Prices The current market is offering amazingly high prices […]

Latest Cash For Gold News

Gold Prices Surge as Obama is Elected

The price of gold has seen an instant boost following the reelection of President Barack Obama. Comex gold slumped last Friday to $1,675 but rose on Tuesday of this week to $1,724.30. The reason for last week’s price drop was linked to speculation that the labor market could improve in the coming weeks and months, […]

Forbes Report Suggests Now Is A Good Time To Buy Gold

According to Forbes contributor Tom Aspray, there is definitely a bearish sentiment in the gold market this week. He also doesn’t feel that gold has completely corrected, yet he acknowledges that August, September, and October usually see gold at its highest demand. Aspray also indicates that over the long-term gold will probably gain in value. What he […]

Italians Cashing In Gold At Alarming Rates

According to a recent AFP report, cash for gold shops throughout Italy have been receiving high volumes of business as Italian citizens seek creative ways to supplement their incomes. The most popular items going sold at market rate are gold medallions, gold jewelry, gold watches, and gold pieces. Interestingly enough, Italy has historically had the […]