How the 2012 Gold Olympic Medals Were Made

Are you curious as to how the 2012 Olympic Gold Medals are produced and where they come from? All gold medals are made on the edge of the South Wales Valley by the Royal Mint. According to the Royal Mint, each medal takes about 10 hours to be developed. They are then stored within a secret room prior to being taken to the Tower of London to be protected.

The gold medal is 3.3 inches in diameter and goes through a painstaking and methodical process. The first process is to strike each medal five times and then roll them through a 1,382 degree Fahrenheit furnace. Once the metal has softened, it goes through 15 strikes at 900 tons in order for the design to be imprinted.

The 2012 Olympic Gold Medal design was chosen from one hundred of the UK’s leading artists, designers, and sculptors. Two designs out of the 100 were chosen to represent the Olympic and Paralympic medals.

For the purpose of the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, the gold was unearthed from mines in both Mongolia and Utah. The medals reportedly only contain six grams of gold which is laid over a mixture of silver compound and copper. According to recent reports, the mixture makes the 2012 Gold Medals the most valuable in Olympic history.

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