10 Facts about Gold and Its Uniqueness

Facts About Selling GoldHave you ever wondered why gold has held such a special place in society throughout history? Whether wearing amazingly beautiful gold jewelry or storing it away in vaults and treasure trunks, there are specific reasons as to why it is one of the most precious elements on the earth. The following facts may illuminate your mind surrounding gold…they may even convince you to buy gold:

  • A single ounce of gold can be drawn across a wire 50 miles long! In other words, gold is quite dense and compressed, which is why a small piece of gold can appear heavier than it looks.
  • The term gold bullion is applied to both coins and bars. Quite often people think that bullion only applies to coins, but it definitely encompasses both types.
  • Gold weighs 19.3 times more than water.
  •  Out of all the gold coins in circulation, the American Gold Eagle is the most popular with collectors.
  • Gold is one of the most recycled materials in history.  From the time it was discovered, gold has been recycled via jewelry, ornaments, statues, and coins and made into other items.
  • Gold was made the official mineral of Alaska in 1968 because of the massive amounts found there over time.
  • Unlike copper and other metals, gold doesn’t react negatively to water and the air.
  • The first discovery of gold in North America was in North Carolina in 1803.
  • The price of gold is now above $1700. This makes is a perfect time to sell gold!
  • The purer a piece of gold, the more it is worth.

If you are considering gaining cash for gold, it is important that you understand its worth. Thus, if you have a piece of jewelry you are thinking of selling, you should definitely do your homework to find out as much as you can about its origin, type, and more. Also, make sure you find a Cash for Gold Orange County broker that is licensed and trustworthy.

It is also a great idea to find a broker with a large reseller network. They normally will buy gold for far more than a broker that sends gold jewelry to be melted down.

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