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We pride ourselves on paying the most cash for gold and for providing the best possible service to our patrons. Take a look at some of the reviews submitted by Cash for Gold Orange County customers below:

Very Happy – They offered me a lot more than I was expecting

Sold:  My class ring and some unworn chains, silver spoons

– by Vicki B. October 7, 2012  – Yelp Review

5 Stars
I never had sold gold before and I was a little nervous. When I walked into Cash for Gold Orange County, I felt comfortable right away. It looked nicer than I was expecting. Then, the employees greeted me with a smile. This relaxed me even more. I sat down in a private booth and showed them my gold and sterling silver jewelry. They offered me a lot more than I was expecting. I will tell my friends about Cash for Gold Orange County.

AWESOME!!!  –  I got $732!

Sold: Some old gold jewelry

– by Jason M. September 30, 2012  –  Reseller Ratings

5 Stars
My mom gave me some of her old gold jewelry to cash in to pay for my college books. I got $732. This pays for my books and also gas to get to school for a while. They were very pleasant here at Cash for Gold Orange County. Donna helped me and was really nice.   I had no idea gold was worth that kind of money.  Thanks so much.

Best – Was paid $75 more than any other gold buyer

Sold: small gold charm and silver coin

– by Tom J.   August 15, 2012  – Yelp

5 Stars
Walked into Cash for Gold Orange County. Was immediately helped. Had five grams of gold and half an ounce of silver. Was paid $75 more than any other gold buyer. Friendly, quick service. Took only five minutes. You should go there.  I went to 3 other places and these guys beat everyone’s price.

Very Cool – Easiest $200 I ever saw

Sold: My high school class ring

– by Sally I.  July 25, 2012 – Yahoo Review

5 Stars
Sold my class ring and it only took 5 minutes!  Funny thing is i only paid $50 for it back in 1972.  Haha.   Selling gold – what a fun thing to do. I wish I had more to sell or that I bought 5 class rings.  Who knew I would make money on it all these years. Thanks Cash For Gold OC.

Highly Recommended – I got $2500 Cash for my scrap gold chains

Sold: two large gold link chains and a ring

– by Steve C. August 1, 2012 – Yahoo Review

5 Stars
I was extremely satisfied.  My car needed a full brake job here in Huntington Beach and this money came in real handy. I sold some old gold bracelets that i haven’t worn in years and one had a broken link.  I was waited on by Donna at first and then Sam.  They were very helpful and used the current gold prices per gram to calculate my gold payout.  I was only guessing that it was $1000 at most…needless to say i was real happy!   It was fast, easy and very professional.

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