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We provide a safe and easy way to sell gold, jewelry, silver, diamonds, watches, platinum, and gold coins.

Cash for Gold Orange County is more than a place; it’s an opportunity because you can Sell gold in Orange County local for the best value in the market. Visit us today for a free no obligation jewelry and gold appraisal.  With gold at an all time high, now may be the best time to sell your unwanted gold, jewelry, diamonds, and estate pieces. Get cash for jewelry you no longer wear to help in these challenging economic times.  Who couldn’t use some extra cash.   Trade in your gold today and get instant cash to use for whatever purpose you desire.

Up to 30% more than our local competitors and in some cases up to $50 per gram1.

Sell Gold

Trust the experts to evaluate your gold and jewelry items the next time you need some extra cash.  We will take the time to explain the whole process of buying and selling gold and jewelry in a private setting.  When you walk into our store, you walk out with cash-in-hand. It’s that easy.  No need to mail your gold or wait for a check. And, you’ll be surprised to learn the value of your gold in today’s booming gold market. We will sit down with you and carefully appraise each item. You will be offered the highest cash price in the market – we guarantee it!  Sound Easy? It is.  Visit How It Works for yourself to learn why we are the #1 gold dealer in Orange County.

Also, by visiting us personally, you’ll be avoiding the risk of mail in gold buying campaigns  where gold scams have been reported.  Unlike those operations, you will be enjoying the opportunity  to sell gold to a local Orange County merchant who depends on his ongoing reputation in the community. Sell Gold in Orange County to the market leader.  If gold  does go back down in price, you will be glad you did.

Our Convenient location is 2 blocks south of the 405 freeway and is easily accessible for all Orange County residents. Visiting the store personally will help you verify the process and assure yourself that our promises are real. We would love to accommodate you. Come in for your free appraisal – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. We buy gold jewelry and buy diamonds rings on the spot for immediate cash. So whether you are searching to “Sell diamonds rings”, “sell Rolex watches”, ” sell class rings”, “selling my gold”, or “sell gold coins”, call the experts at Cash for Gold OC.

With more than 30 years experience in purchasing gold and jewelry items, nobody knows more, so nobody can pay more.  We are one of the leading gold and jewelry buyers in Orange County. Sell Gold in Orange County with confidence.  We serve Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Irvine, and all surrounding Cities with our convenient location on Goldenwest.  Come to the experts that ensure you maximum cash for your gold and silver.

The process is fast and simple. No more waiting for days after sending your jewelry. At sell gold Orange County, the whole process will take 15 minutes or less. We have developed this efficiency over our many years of experience. We have gained strong command over our system and can thus expedite the process for our customers – with due respect for their time and assets. There are NO hidden conditions, NO hidden procedures. Everything is presented right in front of you with the assurance of offering maximum returns by following a completely professional approach.

Selling gold to us is easy, and payment to you is prompt, confidential, and exactly as promised. That’s how we’ve done business for over twenty-five years.  What kinds of gold jewelry do we buy? Great question; just visit what we buy for a list of items.

So what are you waiting for? Bring in your gold jewelry and find out how much cash is waiting for you. Call us today for more information at (714) 901-8000.  Click here for directions to find our sell gold store locations in Huntington Beach and Lake Forest, CA.

1Price quoted will depend on multiple factors. Call for more information.

Selling Gold In Huntington Beach, CA

Today’s high price of gold may be tempting you to consider selling gold, or your unwanted jewelry pieces. But be prepared. You could be pleasantly surprised – even shocked – at their value even when selling them as scrap. Here’s what you need to know.

If you plan on selling gold while the price of gold is high, you will almost always get a better price by trying to sell them as a “jewelry piece”, rather than as scrap headed for the smelter.

When selling gold for its scrap value, or weight value, almost all of the retail value is lost. This is because the scrap value is based on the weight of the gold alone and will not take into consideration the craftsmanship or piece value the item may have in the marketplace. Many pieces indeed have no resale value, or piece value as used in the trade and will thus make good items for the melting pot. These items include that old class ring, broken chain, dental gold, single earring, and any other garden variety piece of jewelry.

Jewelry items that are marked Cartier or Tiffany typically make good candidates for “jewelry pieces” that have better resale opportunities. “Some people are shocked to learn that their old, ugly class ring is worth more than their Tiffany necklace,” said our expert, a 30 Year GIA graduate and owner of Cash for Gold Orange County in Huntington Beach, CA.

What’s it worth?

If you are now wondering what your gold jewelry is really worth, do NOT have it appraised. Many people will make this mistake thinking that an appraiser will value their items for what they can be sold for. An Appraisal is good for those people wanting to insure the item in case it is lost or stolen but not for determining its actual cash value.

The vast majority of jewelry items do not have resale value and will be valued strictly by their weight in gold. How can you find out how much your unwanted bracelet or single earring is worth as scrap? Here’s a brief help guide:

  • The price of gold is valued in World’s Commodities Markets and is based on one troy ounce of 24-karat ( pure gold ). A single troy ounce is 31.1 grams, or 20 pennyweights. ( go to Kitco to check the current market price )
  • Most jewelry items are not made of pure gold and thus have the following purity percentages: 10k = 41.7%, 14k = 58.3%, and 18k = 75%.

How do I get the best price? Like anything else, it pays to shop around and do your homework. But often times, your best resource is your local merchant. He depends on his reputation in the community and will work harder to gain your trust. When shopping around, ask the gold buyer what the price of gold is first and then ask him/her to weigh each group. He should give you a quote based on that spot price for gold he quoted you. Most jewelers offer 50% of the melt value while pawn shops offer even less. These value offers are discounted by the fees associated to melt, assay, and refine the metals, plus a small profit the gold buyer wants to earn.

With gold prices at or above $1,500 per ounce, even an old class ring can be worth $300! Call Cash for Gold Orange County when selling gold at (714) 901-8000. They pay up to 80% of the gold value and will meet or beat any legitimate offer.

Where to Sell Gold

If you are ready to part with your gold, shop around for the best price. Jewelry stores generally offer better prices than pawnshops.

Our local expert doesn’t recommend selling gold to “mail in” businesses that send you a packet to drop in the mail box. Beside the risk of mailing valuable items that could be lost or stolen, you will often not be getting the best actual cash value for your jewelry. Trust a local merchant to sell your gold jewelry.

Gold Buyers

Our staff of expert gold buyers in Orange County know how to value your gold, silver and platinum jewelry items.  This unrivaled knowledge allows us to offer our customers the best market prices. And the good news for people of Orange County, we are right here in your neighborhood at 15182 Goldenwest Street  Suite 100, Huntington Beach. Rush to our store today and convert your unwanted gold to its maximum cash value. Forget other gold buyers who ask you to mail in your gold jewelry, then wait for a check.  We pay cash on the spot. The process is fast, easy, and confidential.

We are totally transparent in our procedures that are very simple and quick. Just walk into our shop with your gold and jewelry items that you want to exchange for quick cash. We will examine and weigh each piece right in front of you. We will then give you the latest and maximum price for the gold, more than any other gold buyer, keeping the interaction very pleasant and fruitful.

Why Choose Us? We Pay More!

$971 More Cash Than Our Competitors For A 14k Chain

Number 1 Gold Seller Us at Cash For Gold Orange County Our Price — $2,371
Number 2 Gold Competitor Gold Buyers OC Their Price — $1,400
Number 3 Gold Competitor Cash for Jewelry Their Price — $1,350
Number 4 Gold Competitor Anaheim Gold Their Price — $1,200

Receive Price Quote from Cash for Gold in Orange County

Deal Direct with a local Orange County merchant. Don’t get confused by the advertisements asking you to mail in your gold.  We will pay you more.  As we are near you only in Orange County, we will not ask you for any mailing for the items. That is to keep our genuineness so that you can come to our store to see your gold turning into real cash right in front of your eyes. This makes Cash for Gold Orange County the largest and most trusted gold buyer not only Orange Country but also in Westminster, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Irvine and all the other places surrounding Orange County. It’s all in front of you without any hidden conditions. Our expert and qualified staff will always be ready to help you and clear doubts with utmost patience to your maximum satisfaction.

There are a lot of online buyers ready to buy your gold but as many other customers will tell you, online process for exchanging your gold items with cash is not preferred. It can be a source of numerous irregularities and frauds and they will not give you the best price for your gold items. So it’s better not to take chance and use the tried and tested services of Cash for Gold Orange County.

It’s very easy to reach us if you have gold to sell. Call right now at (714) 901-8000 or just drop in at our shop in Orange County. The best gold buyers in Orange County will be there to help you.

Gold Buyer Orange County

We pay the most – GUARANTEED!

Call us today for more information at 714-901-8000.

Gold is one bright spot in an otherwise gloomy economy – today it’s priced at more than $1,000 an ounce. More people are taking advantage of the high price by looking no further than their dresser drawers. January Thomas came up with the idea of gold parties after getting some much-needed cash for her gold at a relative’s jewelry shop and many other businesses have sprung up after her to also cash in on the new gold rush. Call south County’s largest gold buyer, Cash for Gold Orange County at (714) 901-8000 to find out how much your gold is really worth and cash in today!

Gold Buyers

Desperate times call for creative measures- or so we say. At our Huntington Beach Cash for Gold location you can bring in a variety of gold, platinum, silver, watches, bracelets and earrings to sell. With gold prices still on the climb, it seems that selling gold is the backup plan of choice for many struggling families. As the top OC gold buyer, we take pride in knowing exactly what your piece of jewelry is worth and we are able to then give you cash on the spot.

Turning your jewelry into cash is easy. We have a couple of different ways to do it. Either request a mail in kit and wait for your cash to come in the mail, call for an over the phone quick quote, or just stop by our conveniently located Huntington Beach store to have your items evaluated right in front of you! We’ve been the trusted gold buyer in Orange County for years. It’s just been over the last year or two that our business has boomed in response to the country’s need to cash in on collateral they can’t pay the electric bill with.

The best choice to quickly cash in on your old gold is to come into Cash for Gold Orange County for a free quote today. We’re located at 15182 Goldenwest Street  Suite  100, Huntington Beach, CA. We are state licensed to buy real gold, jewelry, diamonds, platinum, watches, and silver. Get more information right now by calling (714) 901-8000.

We Buy Gold

Many pawnshops will try to lure you with fake and unauthenticated claims but beware; you might not get the amount of cash you deserve for your gold. At our Huntington Beach location you can safely sell your unwanted gold and get the cash instantly. We buy gold in Orange County and give you a fair deal every time and you get maximum cash for your unwanted gold items. Call us at (714) 901-8000 to learn more about Cash for Gold Orange County. Up to 30% more than our local competitors and in some cases up to $50 per gram1.

The internet has become part of our daily lives. We use it to find everything from shoe stores to flower shops and it’s rare to stop and think about how accurate and truthful the information you’re reading about online really is. You will find many websites offering Cash for Gold. We don’t believe in falsifying the truth about how we buy gold. Many scams and untruthful dealers in the gold buying industry have been reported. All we caution is to use prudence before taking an important decision that involves selling your gold. We understand your needs more than anybody else. And after 30 years in business- we should!

Our expert evaluation of each piece of jewelry will make your decision making easier and faster. At our local Orange County locations, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your gold. Come to us and you will leave happy, with cash in hand because of our on the spot evaluation. We buy gold and consistently offer the most for gold, silver, platinum and even palladium jewelry. Call us now and our trained and professional staff will guide you through converting your gold into cash. We believe in understanding the need of our clients and customers and we will deliver beyond your expectations.

Remember, we buy gold. That’s why we’re here. Visit us today in Orange County at 15182 Goldenwest Street, Suite 100, Huntington Beach, CA. We are the OC hub for gold exchange or to sell your unwanted gold. Call our office today at (714) 901-8000.

Buying Gold Orange County

Waiting for the right time to sell your gold jewelry? With gold currently at a record high of over $1,000 per troy ounce, now may be the perfect time to cash in your unwanted gold jewelry. Don’t wait for it to decline, call Cash for Gold Orange County today to obtain the highest and best value. We have collectors all over the world who are always looking for certain items. With over 30 years of experience buying gold in Orange County, we know how to extract the best value. Not only do you get an honest, thorough, and complete evaluation of your jewelry items, but we pay immediate cash on the spot. No waiting for a check in the mail.

Up to 30% more than our local competitors and in some cases up to $50 per gram1.

We have quickly become the primary Orange County resource for people wanting to cash in the unwanted gold and silver jewelry at a reputable establishment.
Why? Simple, we pay more! All our dealings are upfront, honest, and sincere because we work and live here in your community. Unlike mail-in gold buyers and traveling mall buyers, we care about our reputation and will work extra hard to earn your trust by offering our customers a stable, consistently accountable place to sell gold and jewelry. Each transaction is conducted in a private, one on one atmosphere with trustworthy, experienced people who know how to maximize jewelry. We value, appreciate and respect our clients.

When you decide to liquidate your valuables, visit the experts at 15182 Goldenwest Street, 2 blocks south of the 405 freeway, in Huntington Beach, CA or call us at (714) 901-8000.

Scrap Gold Buyers

The term “scrap gold” typically refers to karat gold jewelry that is at least 10K in purity,  that is either broken, damaged, unwanted, or simply out of fashion.  And even if the jewelry item is not resalable ( which very often times it’s not ) it is still worth its underlying value in gold.  It’s not uncommon for even a small chain to be worth a $100.  Call Cash for Gold Orange County today while the gold price is still over $1,00 per ounce for a free, no obligation appraisal of your scrap gold jewelry. They are Socal’s largest scrap gold buyers.

The whole world uses gold. It’s one of the most traded, sold and trafficked commodities still today. But if you don’t have much gold- since it’s valued by karat and weight- you might make more money by selling your diamonds or diamond jewelry. When diamonds are sold, they often come with a report or certificate that has the diamond’s vital statistics. These certificates are issued by diamond grading labs such as GIA, EGL, AGS or IGI which are the biggest in the USA, there are dozens of smaller lesser known labs as well. Our scrap gold buyers are experts and can value your diamonds based on the standard rating scale to price it fairly. If you have a certificate issued by a diamond lab, it should contain enough information to get a value for your diamond.

You may have an appraisal done by an independent appraiser, or the jewelry store where your diamond was purchased. The geo-political and world economic structure is currently undergoing major change-some have even called the situation an “upheaval.” This means that the investment outlook, particularly for certain parts of the world, is more un-predictable than usual. Under these circumstances, it is logical to conclude that certain investment portfolios should include real (non-paper) assets such as commodities for protection against a potential decline in the paper markets.

By selling old gold to our expert scrap gold buyers you can liquidate assets in a slow economy to cover bills. Most portfolios are invested primarily in traditional financial assets such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Selling gold or diamond jewelry to liquidate your portfolio introduces an entirely different asset; a tangible or real asset, thus increasing the portfolio’s degree of diversification. The purpose of diversification is to protect the total portfolio against fluctuations in the value of any one asset or type of asset. Cash does exactly that.

Stop wondering- where can I sell my diamonds to certified scrap gold buyers? Cash for Gold Orange County offers an easy, fast way to get cash for expenses now. Or the money can go to a new, more modern piece of jewelry for your collection. Come in for a free quote today. We’re located in Orange County at 15182 Goldenwest Street  Suite 100, Huntington Beach, CA. We are certified to buy gold, diamonds, platinum and silver. Get more information right now, call (714) 901-8000.

1Price quoted will depend on multiple factors. Call for more information.

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