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How To Sell Scrap Gold

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Do you have scrap gold and want to know how much it is worth?  No worries, it’s easy. Read here to learn more on how to sell gold scrap like the pros and evaluate the gold metal value in your gold jewelry. Unlike most items you buy, gold and silver jewelry have metal value that you can sell to a gold buyer or a gold dealer.

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Scrap gold is often defined as jewelry made from gold that is either broken, unwanted, or out of fashion.  The value of those items is basically determined by a)  the karat purity of the item(s), or 10k, 14k, 18k, or 22k, etc and b) the weight of those items typically in grams or ounces. The value is then determined by multiplying the purity levels by the current gold price.  And, with gold prices skyrocketing to record highs, those values have been ever increasing.  Here is a partial list of scrap gold items you may have sitting in your dresser;

  • Broken or bent jewelry
  • Tangled chains
  • Rings
  • Chains
  • Bracelets
  • Gold earrings
  • Dental gold
  • 10k, 14k, 16k, 18k, 22k
  • Gold coins
  • Gold bullion
  • Broken or unwanted gold jewelry
  • Scrap gold bracelets
  • Class rings
  • Gold coins and bars
  • Dental gold crowns
  • Gold coins and bars
  • Gold wedding bands
  • Karat gold jewelry

Lots of people are searching for “the best place to sell scrap gold jewelry”, and “where to sell scrap gold”.  Well, if you live in Southern California, the answer is simple:  Cash for Gold Orange County in Huntington Beach. If you are thinking about selling scrap gold jewelry, call our cash for gold buyers at 714-901-8000 today for a free gold appraisal.   We are the sell gold experts in Orange County, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and Santa Ana and have been buying gold since 1980.

So if you have scrap gold items you want to sell from the maximum value, call us today. Gold prices continue to rise every day and prices have never been better. Bring us your gold jewelry, broken chains, and unwanted gold and find how what the value is worth at today’s market price.  Selling gold scrap has never been easier and prices are at historic highs.

Learn how to sell scrap. Sell Gold Steps: the abc’s of how it works

  1. First, we collect all your old scrap gold jewelry, and then separate each by making piles of 10k, 14k, and 18k, and so on. Don’t worry if the items are not marked as we can do an acid test to determine its karat purity.  Sometimes you may need to use a magnifying loupe to see the small markings. Click here to learn more on how it works.
  2. Next, we will weigh each pile of karat gold. This is typically done in grams or pennyweights but can be done in troy ounces if there you have a large amount of items.  This is where we excel at buying scrap gold: we can sometimes pay more than 3x our competitors.  Call  us here at Cash for Gold Orange County or visit us at to read more about all the different kinds of gold jewelry, scrap too, that we will purchase.  We buy all gold regardless of its condition.
  3. Determining the Value at today’s gold price. We pay this value in cash immediately on the spot so you will not have to wait for a check in the mail.
  4. Some items such as Rolex Watches, Tiffany and Cartier jewelry, and coins will have a collector value beyond its weight in gold.  Having been in this business for over 30 years, we have specialty buyers for all of these value groups. There are many types of scrap goods that have value such as scrap metals, scrap cell phones, and scrap circuit boards.
  • The finess of gold.

v  10kt   = 10/24 = .41

v  14kt   = 14/24 = .583

v  18kt   = 18/24 = .75

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