Selling Gold Orange County

Right now is the right time to recycle your gold jewelry. The price of gold rises when the economy is performing poorly and over the last two years, gold prices have risen about seventy percent, according to Your old jewelry could be worth its weight in gold- so find out how to start selling gold today! Call us at (714) 901-8000 for more information.

The kind of gold you can sell ranges from inexpensive gold trinkets to dental gold, solid gold coins and fine jewelry. Obviously the higher quality the gold, the higher the price you can expect. Cash for Gold in Huntington Beach can help you by valuing your gold to get you the highest price for it. A gold refiner, jeweler, broker, or scrap gold dealer will buy the old jewelry, broken pieces, forgotten and unworn gold that’s in the back of your jewelry box, at a price based on the weight of its gold content. Often, the gold is melted down and then extracted. Then the gold can be reused or resold. You can pocket the cash and use it to purchase shiny new pieces that are stylish for today. Or, you can pay off debts and get ahead.

Here’s the lowdown on selling gold. The gold content of jewelry is indicated in karats. Solid gold jewelry is 24 karats. Lesser jewelry has less gold content and more of other metals and added hardening agents. The less gold content in a piece of jewelry, the less money it will be worth to anyone who intends to melt it down. When you buy jewelry in the store, you are paying for the design and craftsmanship, as well as any precious and semi-precious stones that may be a part of the piece.
Selling gold is an easy, fast way to get cash for expenses now. Or use the money to go buy new pieces that are more stylish and fresh. Come in for a free quote today. We’re located in Orange County at 15182 Goldenwest Street  Suite 100, Westminster, CA, about a block north of Huntington Beach. We are certified to buy gold, diamonds, platinum and silver. Get more information right now, call (714) 901-8000.

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