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Our Cash for Gold, Costa Mesa facility buys any type of gold items from coins, to dental fillings and bullion. We accept, broken, single items and any unwanted gold items. If you want to sell your gold items, you can be a part of the phenomenal gold rush that’s currently happening throughout the entire world, with astonishing prices being paid for gold currently. Remember the old adage of “what goes up must come down”, be sure to get your cash in while the getting is good. Visit our Costa Mesa facility, we accept all karat weights from 8, 10, 12, 14, 18, 22, and 24 karat weights. Check on-gold rates online to see what the current rates are for all precious metals, or check out the live ticker on our website.

Call all the rest, but when you want the BEST call Cash for Gold, Orange County. Let one of our experts to get a free appraisal, we guarantee the highest price possible. So bring unwanted or unused gold, silver, platinum pieces, and estate pieces, from gold and silver coins, to diamonds. Come to our facility, visit our Cash for Gold facility and you will see for yourself and have great confidence knowing that you will be dealing with the #1 Cash For Gold Buyer in Orange county. NOBODY, does it better from our expert staff, to completing your transaction in a smooth and efficient manner. The best part is you will be walking out the door with cash in your hand knowing you just received the highest price possible for your items.

For silver we buy from sterling flatware, to coins, jewelry, bullion, and kitchen. Check out their website to see all the great reviews we have received from customers, you don’t get those from being here today, and gone tomorrow, or by being some fly by night operation. You will see for yourself why so many people choose us as their cash for gold facility.

Platinum is an extremely rare metal it is silvery white in color, and is very lustrous. This precious metal was once only worn by Royalty, and is ten times rarer than gold. So now you can see why platinum is so loved, it is often used in custom Jewelry, including necklaces, wedding ring sets, watches, and earrings. You can also go to our 24 hour spot chart to see the most, up to date current prices for platinum. Whatever your need for cash might be, the upcoming holidays, school tuition, or maybe an exotic vacation, or an unexpected bill, Cash for Gold, Orange County, Costa Mesa CA can definitely get cash in your hands FAST the same day, just bring them your gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, fine, custom, or estate jewelry, your gold or silver coins, and any other pieces and see the highest amount paid, anywhere, guaranteed, at Cash for Gold, Orange County, Costa Mesa. Hurry, why the Gold Rush is still booming!

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The price of gold has seen an instant boost following the reelection of President Barack Obama. Comex gold slumped last Friday to $1,675 but rose on Tuesday of this week to $1,724.30. The reason for last week’s price drop was linked to speculation that the labor market could improve in the coming weeks and months, […]

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According to Forbes contributor Tom Aspray, there is definitely a bearish sentiment in the gold market this week. He also doesn’t feel that gold has completely corrected, yet he acknowledges that August, September, and October usually see gold at its highest demand. Aspray also indicates that over the long-term gold will probably gain in value. What he […]

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According to a recent AFP report, cash for gold shops throughout Italy have been receiving high volumes of business as Italian citizens seek creative ways to supplement their incomes. The most popular items going sold at market rate are gold medallions, gold jewelry, gold watches, and gold pieces. Interestingly enough, Italy has historically had the […]