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Looking for the best place to sell your platinum is in Fountain with highly knowledge about fine metals and their values. You have found us, Cash for Gold Orange County. Did you know that it was only in the 20th century that chemists were finally able to separate platinum and palladium? Until then, the two similar metals which were often alloyed together were indistinguishable. But chemists long believed something was wrong. Using the atomic masses, they guessed that there were two elements involved but the two were so chemically similar that separating them was a problem. Both are non-corrosive non-reactive metals. Both have similar industrial uses -both function well as catalysts. Platinum is often used in catalytic converters. Both are electrically similar. But you are not here for a chemistry lesson you’re here to figure out where to sell your Platinum.

More importantly for most people, both platinum and palladium are valuable, white, and shiny. Thus, both can be used in jewelry. The main difference is that platinum is heavier than palladium and you can get more money for it. Fountain Valley got its name because there was a lot of water here for Orange County now it’s a place where you can get a more cash for your unused platinum or other fine metal jewelry. If you have jewelry and you are not sure what it is worth and are looking to sell it, bring it in to our Fountain Valley, Cash for Gold business for an appraisal. Platinum is worth about 3 times as much as palladium and nearly as much as mold. Bring yours in and see what you can get and then imagine what you can spend that money on which would be more useful to you right now. Make Fountain Valley your fountain of cash valley.

When looking for a buyer or dealer, it helps to find someone who is knowledgeable and able to tell you honestly what your metals are worth. To the untrained eye, palladium and platinum are indistinguishable, but the expert can tell the difference by specific gravity and weight. Do not be fooled by others. The key is to find a good value for your platinum in Fountain Valley, CA. So then your choice is simple: bring your platinum to us and get cash instantly. Then you will be able to separate what you want from the dross you have been keeping along with it. Who needs 3 platinum rings? You’ve only got one wife! Who needs three gold watches? You’ve only got two arms.

To repeat, some metals that look very similar are in fact very different. In the cases of platinum and palladium, this is not the end of the world. Both do the job well not like Silver which cannot take the wear. But platinum is shinier, heavier, and more precious. So bring your platinum items to Cash for Gold Orange County, Fountain Valley and find out what you can get for it.

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