Cash For Gold Scam

Consumer Alert! –  Don’t Mail Your Gold – sell your gold jewelry to a local, state licensed and regulated gold buyer for immediate cash.

Beware of the “mail-in” Cash For Gold Scam.  Aside from the possible loss in the mail, there are plenty of local gold buyers that will give you an immediate cash offer.  Cash For Gold Orange County has its own off-site refinery so we can pay you more on the spot, typically 3x more than the mail-in sites. And, we are local.  Call Cash For Gold Orange County today for more information.  We would be happy to evaluate or appraise your gold jewelry for free.  Call us at (714) 901-8000.

Cash for Gold Scam – The Best Way to Avoid the Cash for Gold Scam

Some companies that buy gold online will claim that they never received the gold that you mailed.  Tip #1: find a local buyer who will pay you immediate cash on the spot.

Be suspicious  of companies that do not have a physical address listed on their website or a telephone number.   Go with your instinct; if the company seems distrustful , it probably is. Again, there are plenty of local, reputable gold buyers in Orange County that will pay you a fair price.

The Best Place To Sell Gold?

Easy.  Cash For Gold Orange County. They have 2 locations to serve you.  Visit Cash for Gold Locations to find the location nearest you. Or, call them locally at (714) 901-8000.


1. they pay more for gold jewelry

2.  they are local

3. they are reputable – check out their online reviews at Google Reviews.

Tip #2: You have mailed in your gold jewelry over a week ago and you still don’t have a reply or an offer.  There is no excuse for this.  Don’t wait for mail in offers when you an get immediate cash on the spot at Cash for Gold Orange County.

If you have decided to sell gold jewelry, call Cash for Gold Orange County for a free on site appraisal.  We will give you an immediate appraisal and then an offer.  Its fast, easy, and reliable.  Call us at (714) 901-8000 and make an appointment

Don’t become a victim of the cash for gold scam.

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