Gold Party Orange County

Question: Do Cash for Gold Parties Pay More?

Answer: No, but read on.

The new Tupperware party is here and it is sweeping the nation. Hosting a gold party for family, friends and coworkers is the new rage. People gather to relax, have cocktails and snacks, chat and oh yes, sell their gold jewelry to the gold representative. But as with many “great deals” out there today- this one also has a catch. The great deal you think you’re getting on your gold jewelry by staying at home and partying isn’t always a match-up to the money you could have gotten at a reputable buyer like Cash for Gold Orange County. Call us at (714) 901-8000 to find out how much your gold is really worth today! Don’t trust cash for gold parties to get maximum cash value.

House parties are the new “in” for gold jewelry buyers. This market started from the other successful home sales businesses that offer parties to sell their products. Everything from wine to candles, unmentionables and food is sold this way. Pampered Chef for example has made a multi-million dollar industry out of selling handy kitchen gadgets, Tupperware and recipe ideas via these in home parties. The idea is simple. Gather friends and family, offer food and have a host do demonstrations and the sales pitch. With a gold party, you get the same run around but instead of getting a great deal on say a party tray set for your home- you get a lousy price on your unused gold, watches, diamonds and gold coins.

How do you know it’ a legitimate gold buyer that you’re dealing with? Simply make sure they are licensed in their state to evaluate and value your merchandise properly. Your gold items could be worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars, but if you get caught up in the excitement of a gold party you may let your precious collateral go for a lot less than it is really worth.

The only real approach to get a dollar amount over an items gold melt value is to find a retail buyer. This is no easy task especially in today’s challenging recession where most people do not have discretionary income to spend on luxury items like jewelry. In fact, some industry insiders claim that jewelry sales have dropped over 35% since the recession began. That said, you can still try to find a friend or place an ad in Craigslist or The Orange County Register and hope for the best. Ebay is another possible option and while it used to be a great place to sell pre-owned jewelry, that is no longer the case.  It has since become overwhelmed with jewelry and almost 99% of it does not sell.  And the items that are successful,  sell for less than 20% over the items gold melt value.

Fortunately, you have a better option now in Orange County where you can get upt to 80% of an item’s gold value, in cash, on the spot.   Make the smart choice and call Cash for Gold Orange County.  Come in for a free appraisal today. We’re located in Orange County at 15182 Goldenwest Street  Suite 100, Huntington Beach, CA. We are state licensed to buy gold, diamonds, platinum and silver. To get more information right now, call (714) 901-8000.

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