Where To Sell Gold Orange County

It’s the question of the year. Where to sell gold in Orange County? Well the answer is simple: Cash for Gold Orange County, the trusted gold buyer for all of Orange County.

Why?  Because we pay more.

With experience and expertise on our side, we can quickly tell you what your gold is worth, make you and offer, and pay cash instantly. Our expert appraisers are trained in checking the purity and quality of the gold and measuring its weight accurately so we can make you a stellar offer. Call (714) 901-8000 right now to discover out how much your unused gold jewelry is really worth and cash in today too!

We are licensed to evaluate and purchase antique jewelry, bent or broken jewelry, brooches, bullion, pendants, charm bracelets, chains, lockets, heirloom jewelry, gold of any kind and so much more! If you don’t see what you’re trying to sell in this list just call and we can let you know right over the phone if we can buy your piece. Stop wondering where to sell gold– the answer is right in front of you. Your friends and family will thank you for letting them know about our program also. Everyone is having a rough time right now, so spread the wealth. Many people have hundreds of dollars of old, unused jewelry in their house just waiting to be discovered. The only things we do not buy are costume jewelry, silver-plated items, or gold-plated items. Anything that is pure or decent quality gold, platinum, silver or palladium we can buy!

Discover how easy it is to put cash back in your pocket. You have garage sales so why not clean out your house to have a gold sale! Get your neighbors involved- you can all get rid of the old junk and in the process find forgotten gold that can be turned into cash. You all win! Tell everyone where to sell gold. At Cash for Gold Orange County right here in Huntington Beach.

There are a few different ways to sell your gold and jewelry and each one is explained below.

Online Gold Buyers, such as Cash4Gold or CashforGoldUSA

This is not your best option. Do not mail your gold and jewelry valuables to anyone. It is just not prudent and there are much better and safer places. Many people have heard the commercials and seen the TV ads of companies who ask you to mail your gold in by dropping it in a mailbox. Call and deal with a state licensed local gold buyer where you can meet and talk with the company in person.

What to Look For?

Look for a company that has been in business a number of years and has a state license to purchase gold and second hand jewelry. We have been in the business since 1980 and have a second hand business license issued by the California Department of Justice.

Selling To a Shop

Most pane shops are focused on loaning money rather than an outright purchase. We at Cash for Gold Orange County specialize in both buying and loaning and will give you options for each. Typically, a direct sale will produce the most amount of money versus and loan.

Jewelry Stores

Most jewelry stores are typical retailers accustomed to earning a high margin of profit on each sale. That said, you should expect to be offered a lower dollar amount.

Selling Your Precious Metals to Cash for Gold Orange County

Our Company was founded back in 1980 and has been dealing in gold,precious metals and jewelry ever since. They are easily the oldest and most established gold buying facility in southern California. They are a direct buyer of gold, jewelry, and watches and have direct relationships with local refiners to enable them to offer their customers the best value in the marketplace.

How is Value Determined

The quick and easy answer is that most jewelry items are valued based on the melt value of the gold content.

Come in today! We’re located at 15182 Goldenwest Street  Suite 100, Huntington Beach, CA. We are certified to buy real gold, diamonds, platinum, palladium and silver. Get more information right now by calling (714) 901-8000.

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