Gold Coated iPhone 5’s Soon to Be Unveiled in Dubai

It has been reported that luxury good trendsetters and gold collectors alike will soon set off to Dubai to purchase their very own 24-carat gold iPhone 5s coated in yellow and rose gold. The product release has been strategically implemented just 72 hours after the iPhone became available to the general public. This comes at a time in which the price of gold is above $1760 per ounce.

gold iPhone 5

The gold iPhone 5 was minted by Gold & Co. of London and will only be available at the cutting-edge Dubai Mall. With rose gold a current trend among luxury goods enthusiasts, it is expected that the rose gold iPhone 5 will be a hit among the world’s elite. Pricing on the phone has not yet been revealed; however, it is known that the iPhone 4 featuring gold and diamonds sold for $9.4 million on average.

Consumers and technology experts have been voicing their opinions on whether the phones will keep their value over time. It can be surmised that if gold prices continue to rise, gold plated iPhones should fair pretty well in the distant future.


Throughout history, consumers have invested in rare luxury goods such as Rolex watches, gold jewelry, and diamond rings to diversify their savings. As such items become increasingly rare; their values have the potential to rise significantly. A perfect example is the vintage Rolex Submariner that was featured in James Bond movies or the Rolex Daytona “Paul Newman” that was worn by the actor as he raced professionally in the 1970s.

It is very likely that the worth of the 24 karat gold iPhone 5s future value will be correlated with Apple’s future successes and/or failures. Much like Rolex and other luxury watches, it may take years to reveal the phone’s value in the marketplace.

The million dollar questions remains: what notable individuals will be flying to Dubai to purchase the gold iPhone? We will work to find out. Stay tuned!

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